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I decided to create this blog with the intention of Inspiring others and to show what inspires me. It seems creativity is somewhat sparse and the mainstream is slowly removing subcultures and individuality.
Be an Other.
Inspire and Be Inspired.

Inspirational Icons

At PreLoved Paradise we love those who stand out from the crowd, reject the mainstream and share their creative flair. Those who remain true to themselves regardless of trends instead following the mantra ‘my way or the highway’. To explain what we mean we shall share with you are favourites who’s work is a manifestation of these values.

1. Iris Apfel

1. Leading lady of senior style, business woman and interior designer. Iris disallows society to put her into the mould of elderly or OAP by holding onto her character and visually representing this through her style. Always dressed as an ornate piece of art so flamboyant and exagerated it cleverly juxtaposes her minute frame … topped off with over sized glasses which has become a staple accessory of hers. 


For those who arent familiar with Isabella Blow, she was an inspirational fashion icon. She had an eye for discovering talented fashion designers and providing them with the means to become established. She discovered Lee McQueen of Alexander McQeen and was the driving force behind his sucess. A pure heart, a taste for debauchery and a love of fashion which often became a burden on her financail state. Never the less, she is someone I adhere to maintain some of her essence. Here is a video by Ruth Hogben of Isabella Blow’s wardrobe. If you want to see some of her beautiful pieces up close visit the Somerset House Isabella Blow exhibition. It is pure wonder.

London Fashion Week Recap : SS15

London Fashion Week came to a close yesterday, and not surprisingly the trend- setting, stylish capital played host to a wide range of super talented, innovative designers showcasing their Spring/ Summer 2015 collections. LFW prides iteself in welcoming new designers, so each season alongside the regular established greats, we are introduced to new, emerging designers breaking their way into the industry. If you weren’t able to attend any shows or keep up to date PreLoved Paradise brings to you our own personal best bits. Enjoy!

Day 1:

Friday was a wonderful introduction of what to expect for the next few days at LFW. Colour, print, embelishment, lightweight, silky or translucent fabrics combined with playful faux fur layers in bright hues induced emotions of joy, excitment and anticipation for the sunshine season ahead.

Day 2:

It seems co-ords are here to stay, with many designers feauturing twin sets in their collection. Win.

House of Holland cleverly combines print and texture in a whimsical manner producing outfits for women wishing to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. The Blue Parker is a personal favourite of mine… what’s there not to like? Metallic? CHECK. Blue? CHECK. Oversized? CHECK. 3/4 sleeves? CHECK. Polka Dots. CHECK. I think Yoko Ono would be a fan too. Time to start saving…

Day 3:

Vivienne Westwood exhibits magnificent tailoring with a grungy yet simultaneously elegant finish. A trademark of Westwood’s catwalk: models’ faces were painted with words or exagerated make up enhanced certain facial features.

Day 4:

Roksanda’s SS15 collection, I am pleased to report maintains its colourful playful tone, mixing sharp tailoring with draped sillhouettes typical of the brand, the end result proves brighter is indeed better. Yes to colour.

Erden never fails to produce an ethereal exhibition, with an apparent element of sombreness; managing to perfectly create mysterious beautiful garments.

Kane’s collection for me was a slight disappointment. His talent and skill is evident to all, this has been proven many times over, however the collection I felt lacked cohesion and vigour. Kane produced beautiful garments don’t get me wrong, but unlike all his previous collections… I wasn’t blown away. Perhaps he has set incredibly high standards for himself in the past…So my expectations are too high… Maybe I just didn’t get what everyone else got.

Day 5:

Simone Rocha was defineitely a highlight of mine this season. Her beautiful, girly, innovative designs generate happiness from within and the entire collection is worth a look (don’t just take my word for it). The pink and red combination ticked my boxes, with the floral motifs adding a cherry to the already deliciously sweet cake.

Ryan Lo: ultimate genius in my eyes, invites and encourages his audience to become fairytale characters, where daily life equates to frills, pleats, pink, shine and glittery things. He brings the fun back into dressing. An emerging designer sure to go far.

I always find LFW comes and goes all too quickly, I do however understand why London is often said to be the best host for fashion week. It never ceases to amaze and inspire. The mixture of well known and unknown make for an amazing exhibition and display of what our city has to offer. Originlaity, creativity and expression are clear charactersitics London exposes and envokes. All i can say now is I look forward to Febuary.


Bits and Pieces pretty #jewels #platforms #pearls #chanel #vintage #outfit

Bits and Pieces pretty #jewels #platforms #pearls #chanel #vintage #outfit

Arsenal vs Hull City: A Triumphant Day For North London.

Saturday was a big day for PreLoved Paradise as the Arsenal- Hull City Match landed on the same day as our market stall in Portobello. We HASTILY packed up our stock and pretty much ran, (then anxiously waited on the tube with lots of other Arsenal supporters eager to get up to date with the action too) from West London to North to catch the second half. Alighting at Holloway Road I could feel the atmoshphere was tense as pub after pub packed to its brim, chanted and sang, with a faint element of despair which could only be a sign Arsenal weren’t doing so well…

Parting the Red Sea, and gradually adjusting to the Sauna esqu atmosphere induced from fear, anxiety, alcohol and desperation sweat, I fixed my eyes on the screen and began to hope we would turn the game around.

It was incredibly tense, but we pulled through and left with the cup, finishing on 3-2. The fans were overjoyed and their release had clearly been storing up, patiently waiting for an outlet for 9 years. As soon as the Cup was lifted we all took to the streets for not only that much needed fresh air, but also to rejoice in our victory with other fans, strangers, passers, by and anyone who we encountered on Holloway Road. Everyone involved in the celebrations becoame a family for one day. Arsenal had won, their supporters were on a high.

Emma Mulholland

Emma Mulholland

London Zoo. The penguins are back in town.

London Zoo. The penguins are back in town.

PreLoved Paradise

PreLoved Paradise

Photoshoot Day… Preparing to launch.

In order to get the store up and running for the PreLoved Paradise beauties, photographing the stock on models was essential. Being a start up business it was imperative expenditure was kept to a minimum. Fortunately I am blessed with wonderfully talented friends. A photographer with a real skill at taking incredible shots. And beautiful girls, nearest and dearest to me who were all too happy (ish) to pose for the camera and have fun with it. I provided some treats… of the bubble variety… So so pleased with the end result. Ready to launch PreLoved Paradise.